Our process

With endless options to choose from, flooring can be one of the most intimidating purchase decisions for a homeowner or business owner. Our job is to ensure you’re able to make an educated decision about the BEST floor that perfectly meets your needs!

Learn about our selection process below:

Step 1: Tell us about your project

  • Are you looking for a waterproof floor? Or is scratch resistance more important? How old are your kids and do you have pets? These are examples of questions that help us to suggest the RIGHT product for you.
  • We offer a huge selection of floors that are stocked or on island, but the choices open up even further with manufacturer-direct offerings that can be special ordered and arrive in a few weeks.
  • Floors are available to fit every budget and application. We thoroughly vet each product we carry so you can be confident that you’re getting the best VALUE at each price point.

Step 2: Product Selection

  • Wondering what’s up with a wear layer? Know why High-Pressure Laminate is different than Direct Pressure? Need to know which hardwood is the hardest? Let us share our flooring knowledge with you and explain the pros and cons of each product so you understand what you’re buying

Step 3: Pick a color

  • It’s impossible to appreciate the full character of a floor and plank-to-plank variation of a floor from a tiny sample or digital image. We invite you to place any sample board that strikes a chord with you on the floor, then slowly remove them until you find a color that truly resonates!
  • Many of our products come with floor visualization options that allow you to see the installed floor in a virtual room.
  • We also realize the light in your home is different than in our showroom and invite you to borrow sample boards or planks to see the floor in your home.

Step 4: Get it installed

  • Let us guide you through the installation process. Whether you need to select a Contractor or plan to DIY, we can help.
  • We also stock all the accessories needed for your floor from tools, adhesives, and leveling compound to trims, moldings, and baseboards.

Step 5: Maintain it

  • Each floor we sell comes with maintenance instructions that are typically not more complicated than periodic sweeping and cleaning with a flooring spray and damp microfiber mop. We stock a wide selection of cleaners and accessories to make sure your floor keeps looking new for many years to come!