Transition molding and wall bases


What about transition molding and wall bases?

When choosing a new floor covering, you may need floor molding and trim options to complete your look and protect your investment. Sometimes the extras that help cater to your unique décor scheme or personality for ambiance make a difference. If this is your first time considering these choices, here are some facts and information that could make a choice easier, even for an extensive remodel.

Finishing is a necessary process

When certain hard surface materials are installed, the process leaves gaps for expansion, so the materials aren't damaged by humidity or temperature changes. These spaces can look unseemly and draw unwanted attention if left unfinished, but wall bases can easily rectify the situation. Wall bases are added to cover these gaps and create a protective, cleanable edge that's easy to maintain.

In some homes, multiple flooring types are used, offering stunning visuals and meeting the different durability needs in specific rooms. It can sometimes create issues where the two flooring types connect, as heights may differ, creating a hazard for those with mobility issues. However, transitions add safety, beauty, and practical results that can last as long as your flooring, making them worth consideration.

If you need help choosing the perfect floor transition molding, we're happy to help you find options for blending carpet with hard surface materials, hardwood to laminate, and many others. Once you choose your materials and tell us what you already have in place, we'll make sure you select fantastic options that give you the best results. So, start your process today by visiting our showroom to speak with a flooring specialist.

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